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Team Fire Update

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  • Understand the interaction of fire and vegetation

  • Understand the role of vegetation as fuel 

  • Investigate the shifts in vegetation as a result of fire

Human Communities
  • Understand patterns of fire risk to communities

  • Help reduce fire risk through land-use planning

Fire + Water
  • Investigate the role of precipitation and infiltration in vegetation moisture

  • Understand the effects of post-fire landscapes in erosion, infiltration, and downstream water quality

Fire + Biodiversity
  • Understand the impact of fire on the management and restoration of connected landscapes

  • Find conservation opportunities to avoid development in fire-prone areas

  • Mapped and analyzed patterns of post-fire chaparral recovery in relation to different fire regimes and drought occurrence

  • Developed satellite remote sensing technique to more accurately and precisely map burn areas and fire histories

  • Developed prototype remote sensing tool for mapping and monitoring herbaceous (mostly non-natives) cover

  • Supported the other CWC teams in understanding historical burn areas and how these inform hydrological monitoring and wildlife refuge analysis

"When I think about climate resilience, I think about wildfire mitigation and preparedness. Climate change will directly impact people that live, work, and fight in the wildland-urban interface, and I am motivated to work hard to help them plan, prepare, and adapt."

  • Produce a more comprehensive and accurate map of fire history (past 3-4 decades) for southern California

  • Produce a map of vegetation recovery time-scales for the southern California region

  • Combine data on changes in herbaceous cover, ignition locations, and fire history to assess possible changes in fire regime and where wildfire risk may be changing

  • Explore patterns of wildfire damage by home price

  • Incorporate overall findings into data products and tools that will best serve stakeholders


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The Climate Science Alliance Team acknowledges the Indigenous peoples on whose traditional territory we work. We honor the continued presence and resilience of Indigenous communities and nations today, and thank those we work with for your friendship and your good will in our efforts to collaborate.


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