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Team Planning Update

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Team Research Goals
  • Collect information to guide management of multiple uses of natural lands

  • Identify targets for acquisition and restoration to improve climate resilience of communities and natural lands

  • Create an integrated multiple-benefit framework for land-use planning that can support conservation planning

  • Developed the study area for the project by ranking areas based on factors such as data availability, percentage of wildland-urban interface, and more

  • Reviewed jurisdictional plan status and content to guide outreach, data development, and delivery

  • From data gathered in the study area on current planning policies and mechanisms, developed a metric of "Institutional Propensity" on how likely a jurisdiction would be to use new data and tools to improve planning processes

  • Compiled a survey for planners to understand how the CWC project outputs can best be delivered to support current and future planning efforts

"I feel so fortunate to be involved in this project because it has promise to make changes in the way planners work by providing them with data to broaden and inform their decision making."

  • Tabulate survey results from planners and form a technical advisory group to ensure the data we develop and our methods of delivery best suit the needs of local and regional planners

  • Identify case study opportunities for implementing these developed tools to help guide planning decisions


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The Climate Science Alliance Team acknowledges the Indigenous peoples on whose traditional territory we work. We honor the continued presence and resilience of Indigenous communities and nations today, and thank those we work with for your friendship and your good will in our efforts to collaborate.


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