Descendants United for Nature, Adaptation, and Sustainability

Project Directives

On the Importance of Community

Local community members are key to current and future stewardship of the dune ecosystems we plan to restore.


In partnership with Para La Naturaleza (PLN), we look to provide capacity and support to engage and educate the community on climate impacts and test a regionally specific adaptation strategy that will build resilience for Puerto Rico. 

Our goal is for communities to learn about the impacts and solutions associated with climate change and test regionally specific solutions. An important aspect of this project is working hand in hand with community partners to foster an inclusive network of knowledge holders who can share information on the dune ecosystems and the historical aspects that can help build resilience for people and biodiversity. By establishing a framework of knowledge sharing, we acknowledge that local and traditional knowledge is equally valued with western scientific and technical knowledge. To ensure long-term project success, we are building a community of stewards that are engaged in restoring, conserving, and monitoring coastal sand dunes.

Understanding Climate Impacts to Puerto Rico

To improve our practices and protect our communities, we must first educate ourselves on the climate consequences in Puerto Rico and what we can do to help.


Climate change is impacting critical habitats that protect Puerto Rico’s coasts, ecosystems, and cultural heritage. Take the DUNAS Challenge and do your part to help!

About Para La Naturaleza

Para La Naturaleza (PLN) is a unit of the non-profit Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico and protects 32,000 acres across 60 Natural Protected Areas. Last year, 6,480 volunteers committed over 75,000 hours to help PLN plant new trees, clean rivers, and conduct research. With a strong volunteer base, some of which are already engaged on monitoring the sand dunes, PLN is well suited to take on citizen scientist based restoration and monitoring.