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Fellowships and
Regranting Program

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The Climate Science Alliance understands the barriers many groups and individuals face to obtaining funding (e.g., limited staff capacity and time, complex reporting requirements, to name a few), and has seen firsthand how these barriers limit our community partners in pursuing, implementing, or continuing projects of value to our region. Sometimes, even a small amount of funding can make the difference between achieving a shared goal and canceling a project altogether.

Historically, the Climate Science Alliance has always made efforts to support our partners' visions—it is the foundation of many of our projects. This new fellowships and regranting program is simply the newest way for us to recommit to our partners in a formalized manner that gives back directly and ensures both equity and transparency in our efforts.



The Indigenous Climate Fellowship Program provides compensated opportunities to work with the Climate Science Alliance team to develop training, projects, and activities for the Stewardship Pathways initiative.


Each fellow will help create and implement training opportunities that build capacity, community, and economic development opportunities for Tribal communities. In particular, the fellows will help ensure that there is a cultural component in training activities and that Tribal science and traditional knowledges are upheld, acknowledged, and honored.

 Learn about our current fellows below, and visit our team page for all past fellows.

Small Grants

Small Grants

The goal of the regranting program is to support our partners’ professional and educational efforts. Our regranting efforts will primarily be achieved through our small grants programs—administered via our Working Groups.


These small grants support projects that fill gaps in existing projects, help seed fund new efforts, and/or help disseminate the work being achieved in a joint effort to safeguard natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate.

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The goal of this program is to support Baja Working Group member's professional, research, and educational efforts in a transparent and equitable manner. Projects should have a climate change emphasis, and should be located in or near the Baja Peninsula, its surrounding waters, or the Mexico-California border region.

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The goal of this program is to support Tribal Working Group member’s professional, cultural, community based, and educational efforts in a respectful and equitable manner. Projects should focus on advancing
Indigenous climate resilience, adaptation, and/ or environmental health for the collective community.

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