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Climate Change Mini Fourm with SDG&E Meteorologist

In the spirit of information sharing, and increasing awareness and understanding of climate impacts and solutions in our region, the Climate Science Alliance staff hosts a series of monthly lecture/discussion sessions. These sessions cover climate change, natural resource conservation, and other climate related topics relevant to the South Coast eco-region. These climate change mini forums are held at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

On June 6, 2016 Brian D'Agustino, a Senior Meteorologist at SDG&E, presented his work on the Weather Awareness System, Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index (SAWTI) and sensor network of 170 state-of-the-art weather stations. This network of weather data provides crucial information on regional weather patterns that increase our ability to prevent and respond to wildfires. As a part of their state-of-the-art situational awareness service, SDG&E has developed the SAWTI, a multi-agency collaborative effort used to mitigate risks associated with extreme fire potential. SAWTI aids decision-making agencies in increasing public safety and preparedness. The information received from this system is crucial especially in times of a warming climate, not only increasing the intensity of these fires, but the duration of our fire seasons. Thank you to our partners at SDG&E for sharing their work and providing resources for climate resilience efforts!

Check out the SDG&E's Weather Awareness System here:

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