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Cabrillo National Monument launches new 3D Biomodel Library

3D Cabrillo is a unique educational archive that connects students and visitors to the natural resources of Cabrillo National Monument through 3D models. Within the 3D Cabrillo Biomodel library, there are free downloadable versions of many of the prominent organisms found in their Rocky Intertidal Zone. Within the Student Curriculum, there is a step-by-step guide for students and educators to discover how to create their own 3D models.

Cabrillo has already teamed up with 4th grade classrooms to teach them how to create their own biomodels and will be placing their work on display in the Cabrillo Visitors Center in Summer 2017.

Using the new tools available, they seek to reach the public in different and exciting ways. Their goal is that this initiative will highlight the public’s important role in awareness and stewardship of our public lands, a tenant inherent in the very mission of the Park Service.

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