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Call for Abstracts: International Urban Wildlife Conference to take place in San Diego, June 4-7

Southern California, one of the most intensively urbanized regions in the world but also a biodiversity hotspot, provides a fitting backdrop for the fourth International Urban Wildlife Conference sponsored by the Urban Wildlife Working Group of The Wildlife Society. The goal of the meeting is to bring together wildlife scientists, wildlife managers, land use planners, educators, and others who are interested in and concerned about urban wildlife to share the latest science, conservation efforts, and management challenges from a diverse range of urban settings. Wildlife species in urban areas present unique and significant conservation challenges, sometimes vexing human conflict and management issues, and incredible opportunities for outreach and education about wildlife to large audiences. The scientific study of urban wildlife is a fascinating and still relatively young, but fast-growing field. All of this will be on display in San Diego June 4-7!

Want to present your research? Submit your abstract by February 17th!

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