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Climate Kids-Mexico Wins 1st Place at Environmental Day Ecoparque Celebration!

Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) in collaboration with Colegio de le Frontera Norte-Ecoparque, CBTiS 146, Conalep, CBTiS 116 and CESPT led storytelling, art and science activities activities at the Environmental Day Ecoparque Celebration for over 300 students. This event that took place in Conalep, Zona RIO, Tijuana on June 1st. CKM Ambassadors hosted 10 workshops and exhibits on science games and recreation, and presented a CBTIS 146 CKM Pasarela EcoFashion show. This event reached 7 groups of high school students and was designed to promote environmental education through interactive activities promoting conservation, talking about climate change, plastic contamination, and recycling through art. This event was made possible thanks to Ecoparque and the collaboration of state, municipal and Federal environmental institutions and high school students.

CKM/CBTIS 146 students won 1st place in toy making with recycled materials as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the pasarela dress contest! (Photo: Dra Xiomara Delgado Ecoparque Director with Conalep principal and sponsor)

Climate Kids-Mexico is paving the way for change in Tijuana! The CSA would like to thank the hard work done by these students and as well as CKM program manager Martha Aide Escalante Garcia!

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