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Living Coast Discovery Center Highlights Partnership with Alliance in 2018 Annual Report

The Climate Science Alliance partnered with the Living Coast Discovery Center (LCDC) to provide climate science training for educators, resulting in four new Climate Science Living Lab programs for K-12 grade students. Learn more about LCDC’s amazing year in their Annual Report!

The Climate Science Alliance is proud to partner with the Living Coast Discovery Center’s Education Program, which reached 29,252 students through interactive field trips this year. With the support of San Diego Gas & Electric, the Climate Science Alliance teamed up with the LCDC to provide our Climate Kids climate science training to informal educators from local organizations. This resulted in four new Climate Science Living Lab programs for K-12 grade students! These labs engage local students with important climate lessons and inspire them to make a difference.

A special shout-out to Elizabeth Argyle, the Director of Education & Guest Experience at LCDC, for her continued support of the Climate Science Alliance. Check out Elizabeth’s selfie at our recent “Art of Change” exhibit in Skyline Hills Library!

View the full LCDC Annual Report here.

To learn more about our Climate Kids program, visit here.

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