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Alliance Connects with Sustainable Fashion and Design Students

This month the Climate Science Alliance visited Orange Coast College to connect with students in the Apparel Industry Sustainability Program to talk about fashion and it’s intersection with our changing climate. Check it out!

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“Textile production is one of the most polluting industries, producing 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2) per year, which is more emissions than international flights and maritime shipping. Over 60% of textiles are used in the clothing industry and a large proportions of clothing manufacturing occurs in China and India, countries which rely on coal-fuelled power plants, increasing the footprint of each garment. It has been stated that around 5% of total global emissions come from the fashion industry.”

The Climate Science Alliance was excited to join students at Orange Coast College this month to discuss the impacts of fashion and textiles on our earth and climate.

Just last year, under the co-direction of Derek Sabori (former Sr. Director of Sustainability at Volcom and Underswell Founder), Orange Coast College developed an Apparel Industry Sustainability Certificate. The first of it’s kind in Southern California - the program teaches students about sustainability in the fashion industry through courses such as “Introduction to Sustainability in Business and Fashion” and “Apparel Industry - The Environment, Ethical Business Practices, and The Law.”

During our visit, the Alliance connected students to both the global and local impacts of climate change in an effort to get them to think differently about sustainable fashion practices and their connection to our climate and the earth. Though the Alliance focuses mainly on climate resilience in natural ecosystems, cross disciplinary conversations such as these are important in understanding the full impact of consumers and sustainable choices on the climate system. Students are able to broaden their understanding of what’s at stake and what they can do to create change.

To find out more about the Apparel Industry Sustainability Program, please visit:

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