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Check out "Treasures from the Scripps Collection" from Affiliated Artist Oriana Poindexter

View "Treasures from the Scripps Collection", a series of marine specimens photographed by Affiliated Artist Oriana Poindexter, at three upcoming shows open to the public.

Why did someone collect a small, still-unidentified octopus from Bikini Atoll ten days before the detonation of the first true H-bomb? What can these specimens and their jars tell us about what it was like there, at that time, in that place?

Affiliated Artist Oriana Poindexter explores these curiosities in her photograph exhibition, "Treasures from the Scripps Collection". View the Treasures collection at these upcoming shows, which are all open to the public:

Reception Date: Friday May 10, 9-10:30AM

Location: Eckart Building (1st Floor), SIO, with pastries by Pinpoint Cafe

Exhibit Viewing Period: Monday May 6 - Thursday May 29, 2019

Reception Date: Saturday June 1, 5-8PM

Location: Mission Hills Wine Cellar - 1624 W Lewis St, San Diego

Exhibit Viewing Period: Thursday May 29 - Sunday June 2, 2019

Reception Date: Saturday June 15, 6-9PM

Location: The Hill Street Country Club, 530 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA

Exhibit Viewing Period: Monday June 10 - Tuesday June 25, 2019

The Treasures prints can be purchased here. Half of the proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated directly to support the Scripps collections.

Learn more about Oriana Poindexter here.

Learn more about our Affiliated Artists program here.

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