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Climate Science Alliance Contributes to 30x30 Partnership 2023 Gathering

Climate Science Alliance team members contribute to 30x30 Partnership Gathering on Cahuilla Lands in Riverside, California.

Climate Science Alliance Founder and Lead Advisor Amber Pairis smiles next to Alliance advisor Megan Jennings behind a table with pamphlets and information.

On October 11th and 12th, 2023, Climate Science Alliance team members attended the 30x30 Partnership Gathering on Cahuilla Lands in Riverside, California. The gathering connected partners with ongoing and future work to promote the 30x30 initiative. The event was kicked off with a beautiful blessing from the Cahuilla Tribe, including Alliance team member Will Madrigal Jr.  

Throughout the gathering, Climate Science Alliance shared information about ongoing projects, including a new initiative, Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship (CNNCTS)

On the second day of the event, Tribal Capacities and Partnerships Program Manager Will Madrigal Jr. and Climate Science Advisor Megan Jennings led the breakout discussion “Connecting the 30x30 Strategy to Local Conservation Initiatives”.

It was great to learn more about projects going on all over California. Thanks for having us!


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