From the Ground Up: A Profile on Grangetto Ranches

For our next profile in the "From the Ground Up" series, we talk with Edward Grangetto, co-owner of Grangetto Ranches Inc. and co-founder of Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP). Check out our Q&A on the blog today!

As part of the on-going efforts of the 2020 Climate Change Consortium, hosted in partnership by the Climate Science Alliance and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, we are excited to share a series of producer stories, called “From the Ground Up: Farmer Profiles,” highlighting our region’s producers and the important work they do for our communities.

Today's farmer profile is with Edward Grangetto of Grangetto Ranches Inc. Edward Grangetto, alongside his brother and sister, is a co-owner of Grangetto Ranches Inc., where his wife Karen Grangetto also works to help manage operations. Edward is also co-founder of the Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP) and works as a Crop Consultant handling outside sales for Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply.

Climate Science Alliance (Alliance): Why do you farm?

Edward Grangetto (Grangetto): Farming provides a business and lifestyle that suits our abilities and connection to the land.

Alliance: Describe your farm. 

Grangetto: Portions of our ranch date back to the 1950’s. My father bought the land in a piecemeal manner, adding portions which currently include over 80 acres. Karen Grangetto, my wife, handles the day to day ranch management for growing Avocados, Lemons and Wine Grapes. It is a family corporation which also includes my brother and sister. Our families live on the property, however, Karen and I manage operations. The ranch is both a business and a home for the owners.

Alliance: What do you love about your farm?

Grangetto: The ranch not only provides a wonderful place to live, it also provides a daily reminde