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Indigenous Fire Stewardship Featured in CA Oaks Spring–Summer 2023 issue

California Oaks and the California Oaks Coalition’s Spring–Summer 2023 issue of Oaks features an article about the Indigenous Fire Stewardship program by the Climate Science Alliance.

Oaks newsletter opened up on a wooden table

The Climate Science Alliance is grateful to be featured in California Oaks and the California Oaks Coalition’s Spring-Summer issue of Oaks. The article, written by Alliance Fellow Madison Wilson and Amber Pairis, features the Indigenous Fire Stewardship Pathway, a training pathway of the Stewardship Pathways Program, and briefly discusses the historical and current barriers to cultural fire practice.

Thank you to California Oaks, a project of the California Wildlife Foundation for featuring us in your newsletter, and to the Tribal Working Group, Southern California Interagency Wildland Fire and Fuels Cadre, Joelene Tamm and Chief Wesley G. Ruise Jr. for their vision and leadership in making the Indigenous Fire Stewardship Pathway come to life.

Follow this link to download the electronic version of the article (pg. 4), and visit our webpage to learn more about Stewardship Pathways.


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