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Third Plant Propagation Training Weekend Held in the Desert

We are honored that our third Stewardship Pathways Program plant training training was hosted by the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians in the Coachella Valley. Participants spent the day at Temalpakh Farms, where they toured the facilities and learned about the current and future projects the Tribe plans to accomplish. During this time, participants caught up with one another and engaged with Elders and knowledge holders who spoke about different native plant species, plant pathogens, healthy soils, and programs focused on protecting native plants.

During the training, participants learned about the native mesquite from an Elder who also brought delicious cookies made from mesquite flour. A helpful addition to this training was the inclusion of a talking circle to make space for participants to share their feedback on the training to date, what they would like to focus on for the remaining sessions, and how this project is supporting their vision for their Native Plant Propagation journey. Along with this, the trainees received several presentations on soils and growing mediums for native plants, how to identify different pathogens, and the structure and types of soils which gave them the ability to identify what makes healthy soil. In addition, they learned about projects and funding opportunities focused on conserving native plants that they might be able to work with in the future.

The Climate Science Alliance team continues to hear positive feedback from participants about the benefits of the Stewardship Pathways Program. From impactful conversations and allowing participants to voice what they would like to see in future training has helped the Climate Science Alliance planning team focus on how best to serve our partners. Since the first training, our team has learned so much from the participants, Tribal host sites, Elders, and numerous speakers and we are grateful for the relationships and learning opportunities.

We would like to thank all of those involved for taking their time to engage with one another and the speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences. Also we are grateful to host the training on Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians lands and for the hospitality they have provided for all. We were able to enjoy a day full of learning and strengthening relationships with one another.

Special thanks to our funders for making this work possible: California Strategic Growth Council and San Diego Gas and Electric.

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