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UC Launches Systemwide Center for Climate Justice

Climate Science Alliance team member Connor Magee joins the University of California launch event of its new center just in time for Earth Day: the Center for Climate Justice. The Center for Climate Justice is a University of California system wide initiative to address climate change as a social justice and equity issue.

Climate Science Alliance team member Connor Magee contributed as a speaker on a panel focused on Natural Climate Solutions at the UC Center for Climate Justice (CCJ) virtual Launch event April 22-23. The center is led by UC Presidential Chair Tracey Osborne with a focused mission “to leverage and harness the power of the university to support, strengthen and build an emergent climate justice ecosystem and social movement that solves the climate crisis through science, systems thinking and social-ecological justice”.

The event focused on six pillars of the center’s work: just transitions; Indigenous climate action; natural climate solutions; social, racial and environmental justice; community resilience and adaptation; and climate education, communication and engagement. On day 2 following the opening keynote Connor along with fellow panelists discussed how adaptation and resilience can be fostered through nature-based solutions. Connor highlighted the Climate Science Alliance’s collaborative work in the Resilient Restoration project, the Carbon Sink Demonstration project and initiatives led within the Tribal Working Group. Topics covering: ecosystem resilience and restoration, prescribed fire practices, regenerative agriculture, collaboration, and relationship building summed up the 50 min panel discussion.


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