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Building Local Capacity for Kelp Forest Restoration

A Binational Working Group 2023 Small Grants Recipient


Kelp forests are marine ecosystems along the temperate coastline of Mexico and the USA with significant economic and cultural value. Climate change stressors have caused an 80% reduction in kelp cover in Baja California. Kelp restoration at regional scales is challenging and complex. However, small-scale experiments have shown some success, including urchin culling, kelp transplantation, and reforestation. Under this project, a small kelp forest in Campo Kennedy will be adopted by local and direct users to help design and implement restoration experiments. With the help of Reef Check, we will create a group of monitor divers that include fishers, sport divers, and researchers. The Binational Working Group funds will kick-start an integrative, efficient, long-term, and sustainable restoration effort by organizing meetings, workshops, and diving trips with local fishers and scuba diving clubs.

Project Year


Project Partners

Rodrigo Beas Luna, Julio Lorda

Project Updates
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Congratulations to Our 2023 Binational Working Group Small Grants Awardees!

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