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Water Wisdom


Precipitation variability including extreme drought and flooding are impacting people and places in profound ways. The Water Wisdom pathway explores training opportunities around the climate-water-drought-fire nexus and how precipitation variability impacts land stewardship and restoration.

Our partners recognize that there is a clear need to better understand ecological drought, acknowledging known linkages among drought and wildfire risk, water sustainability, and ecosystem dynamics. Part of this interest includes pursuing research projects on drought impacts on restoration and how the water-drought nexus will influence land stewardship and restoration.

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Native Plant Conservation, Propagation, & Restoration


Indigenous Fire Stewardship


Water Wisdom


Climate Adaptation Technical Training & Tools

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Composting with Maat Hetemii

March 18, 2023

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The goal of this course is for attendees of all ages to understand the importance of composting practices to improve soil health and water retention in preparation for planting. Attendees will leave knowing how to implement composting into their daily lives and communal gatherings. This kid-friendly event also will feature fun, hands-on youth activities.

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