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Emily Burgueno

Indigenous Stewardship Fellow

Emily Burgueno (Sin Iipai/she/her) *Sin Iipai translates to Young Iipai Woman*

Ms. Emily is from the Paipa clan in Ellykwanaan and Hilmeup from Snyaawkwatun. Enrolled citizen of the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel and raised on both the Santa Ysabel Reservation and Manzanita Reservation. Ms. Emily is an active advocate for her people and is a result from her upbringing. Raised within lifeways which maintained Iipay cultural knowledge through generational resiliency. Her Tipai relatives were vital in encouraging her mindset away from the California Mission Slave System ways of thinking. This encouragement has fueled many fires creating cultural revitalization within Ms. Emily’s own life but also the people she serves within the Kumeyaay Nation. Despite the many hats Ms. Emily wears, what is most important is you will always find her doing the work in the spaces she enters and will gladly advocate for her people along the way. Most of the time you find her at Maat Hetemii which is a community garden she developed in January 2020 with the support of her matriarchs.

Emily Burgueno
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