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Madison Wilson

Climate Adaptation Coordinator

Madison Wilson (she/they) was born and raised in San Diego on Kumeyaay and Payomkawichum lands, where she developed a deep love for native flora, fauna, and ecosystem interactions. She serves the Climate Science Alliance as the Climate Adaptation Coordinator working closely with scientists, managers, community members, Tribal representatives, and other partners to support the portfolio of projects under the Climate Science Alliance’s Science Program and plays a lead role in the Stewardship Pathways program with a focus on native plant and coastal stewardship training opportunities.

Madison earned a B.S. in Ecology with a minor in American Indian Studies from California State University San Marcos. Passionate about bridging Western and Indigenous sciences, she worked collaboratively with professors in both departments to curate a degree around this passion, earning her the 2023 Outstanding Student in Ecology award. Madison began her career in conservation science, science communication, and outdoor education in 2016 and began working with the Climate Science Alliance in 2023 as the Indigenous and Coastal Stewardship Fellow.

Outside of her role at the Alliance, Madison enjoys tending her garden, expressing herself through photography, painting and music, spending time with her dog Apiana, and slow walks through nature where she can admire native flora and fauna through sound, scent, sight and thought.

Madison Wilson
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