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Marshes on the Margins

Developing Tidal Wetlands Adaptation Strategies


The tidal wetlands of Southern California are some of the most threatened estuarine systems on the west coast. The high urbanization of wetlands in Southern California places them under serious threat of habitat transformation and loss in the face of sea level rise. Further, these systems are highly understudied, particularly in regards to inlet dynamics.

This project identified how the dynamic estuarine systems of Southern California will be affected (physically and biologically) by sea level rise and determined how and where nature-based solutions can be used to provide resilience to those effects. By building upon the Southern California Wetland Recovery Project’s collaborative structure, the Marshes on the Margins project developed guidance and tools for wetland management.

Sponsors and Partners

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
San Francisco Estuary Institute and the Aquatic Science Center
Climate Science Alliance
California State Coastal Conservancy
U.S. Geological Survey


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