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Climate Science Alliance

A Model for Community-Led Climate Adaptation



The Climate Science Alliance was created in 2015 with the mission to safeguard natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate. We do this through leading activities and creating partnerships that increase awareness of climate change impacts, promote solutions, and facilitate action. With a specific focus on natural and cultural resources, the Climate Science Alliance serves as a boundary-spanning organization, providing support for the development of usable information necessary for conservation and stewardship with information that is relevant at local and regional scales.

In this report, we present our model as an actionable framework that advances the implementation of community-led transformational climate adaptation.

In a relatively short amount of time, the Climate Science Alliance has repeatedly and successfully replicated and transferred its model across different geographies, cultures, and communities—demonstrating how enabled local communities can achieve transformational climate adaptation. This text articulates the foundational components of our model and explores key elements for transferability and replication that we hope will inspire others to prioritize relationships, reciprocity, and equal valuation for ways of knowing in their own work. Collaboration, cooperation, and sustained and meaningful engagement can and will keep us on a path to a more just and equitable future.



Climate Science Alliance:

A Model for Community-Led Climate Adaptation

Pairis, A. D., Ezcurra, P., Terry, D., Walker, A., Warneke, A., Engeman, L., & Jennings, M. (2023). Climate Science Alliance: A Model for Community-Led Climate Adaptation. Climate Science Alliance.

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