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Our Community Commitments

Meaningful Engagement

Climate Science Alliance activities are informed and guided by community members and creating long-term relationships built on principles of sustained and meaningful engagement.

Sustained and meaningful engagement is more than just being a good partner, it requires respect, reciprocity, and relationships.

Data Sovereignty Protocols

The Climate Science Alliance works to ensure that data for and about our Indigenous partners are utilized to advance their community priorities and safeguard their lands and cultures from the threat of climate change.

Culturally Responsive Education

The Climate Science Alliance is committed to engaging meaningfully and respectfully with the Indigenous peoples that we work with through all our initiatives and programming, including our Climate Kids programming. We strive to integrate Tribal knowledges and perspectives into our educational materials, center Indigenous representation, and continue listening and learning.

Diversity is our strength and the cornerstone of the Climate Science Alliance’s values and founding principles. We already know that climate change will impact all people however, it will disproportionately impact disadvantaged and historically excluded communities sooner and with more consequence. As an organization, our team has worked intentionally to build an inclusive and diverse team committed to elevating, supporting, promoting, and respecting all people and focusing our work towards communities where we feel we can be a strong accomplice—whether it’s through our youth programming in Title 1 schools or our work to support Tribal stewardship and equal valuation of ways of knowing. As an organization, we strive to facilitate regular conversations on how we can improve equity and inclusion for our staff, our projects, and within our network. Our work is successful when we are able to lift others’ voices up and make sure that climate conversations are accessible and relatable.

As an organization on the forefront of adaptation and natural resource conservation, we strive to embrace and advance a work environment and projects that are equitable and just. Though we have come far, we recognize that this work must be done every day—within our organization and personally—and we are committed to doing it. 

If you want to learn more about our specific goals and actions please contact us at

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