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Reciprocity and Regranting

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The Climate Science Alliance understands the barriers many groups and individuals face to obtaining funding (e.g., limited staff capacity and time, complex reporting requirements, to name a few), and has seen firsthand how these barriers limit our community partners in pursuing, implementing, or continuing projects of value to our region.

The Climate Science Alliance re-grants funds to Indigenous organizations and individuals to build capacity and support collaboration. The goal of the regranting program is to support our partners’ professional, research, and educational efforts in a transparent and equitable manner. 

Investing in Organizations


Strengthening the capacity of organizations to advance collaboration, planning, and actions across southern California and beyond. These grants often support efforts to explore and integrate Indigenous knowledges, participation, and leadership in climate adaptation planning and stewardship.

Investing in Projects


Our Small Grants support efforts to fill gaps in existing projects, help seed fund new efforts, help disseminate activities, or support individuals to advance projects that benefit their community or advance stewardship of the land and waters.

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The goal of this program is to support Binational Working Group member's professional, research, and educational efforts in a transparent and equitable manner. Projects should have a climate change emphasis, and should be located in or near the Baja Peninsula, its surrounding waters, or the Mexico-California border region.

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The goal of this program is to support Tribal Working Group member’s professional, cultural, community based, and educational efforts in a respectful and equitable manner. Projects should focus on advancing Indigenous climate resilience, adaptation, and/ or environmental health for the collective community.

Investing in People


We provide compensated opportunities for technical advisors, fellows, and interns to work with the Climate Science Alliance team to develop training, projects, activities, and/or to mentor, guide, and advise team members.


Technical advisors provide guidance to advance initiatives, strengthen community connections, and expand collaborations for the Alliance team and projects.


Fellowships provide opportunities for community members and early career professionals to apply their skills to Alliance programming, projects, and events.


Internships are seasonal opportunities for community members, especially youth, to support climate activities and projects through mentorship from Alliance team members.

Meet our current technical advisors, fellows, and interns below.

Meet our past cohorts on the team page.

Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez
Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez

Binational Working Group Advisor

Nizhoni Tallas
Nizhoni Tallas

Indigenous Stewardship Fellow

Evan Foskett
Evan Foskett

Climate Education Student Intern

Ron W. Goode
Ron W. Goode

Cultural Burning Advisor

Levi Hill
Levi Hill

Climate Media Fellow

Stan Rodriguez
Stan Rodriguez

Stewardship Pathways: Coastal Advisor

Meliza Le Alvarado
Meliza Le Alvarado

California Sea Grant Fellow

Wesley Ruise, Jr.
Wesley Ruise, Jr.

Stewardship Pathways: Fire Advisor

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