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Climate Kids

Climate Kids is a series of community level collaborative projects that provide youth education on climate change through science activities, storytelling, and art. Each Climate Kids project brings together local artists, scientists, educators, and storytellers to engage students of all socioeconomic levels and inspire them to become environmental stewards.


Through partnerships with climate scientists and qualified educators, we encourage curiosity about the natural world while providing youth the tools necessary to make educated decisions about how to protect our planet in the future.

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We have so many amazing Climate Kids resources that they needed their own website! Explore the world of Climate Kids here:


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Empowering the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

The Youth Climate Challenge is an immersive experience that connects students with leading climate scientists, practitioners, artists, and fellow youth. In challenge teams, students are guided and challenged to identify and analyze the climate impacts in their own communities. Together, they investigate climate strategies and solutions and formulate action plans to implement in their sphere of influence.



Providing all the Resources Needed to Teach Climate Science

Climate Kids Traveling Trunks provide all the resources you need to teach climate science in the classroom. Each trunk includes background information, lesson plans, powerpoints, activities, and materials to increase climate literacy for K-12th grade youth. Our three trunks feature interactive and hands on science, storytelling and art curriculum aligned to NGSS.



The First Climate Kids Project

Climate Kids-San Diego, the first Climate Kids project from the Climate Science Alliance, piloted the use of science activities, storytelling, and art to provide youth education on climate change in the south coast eco-region. Climate Kids-San Diego focuses on local natural resource conservation actions with an emphasis on climate change impacts to our oceans, coasts and the unique biodiversity and species of the south coast region.



A Collaborative Project in the Baja Region

Climate Kids-Mexico is a collaborative partnership with Profesora Escalante, that piloted a unique approach to training high school students to deliver the Climate Kids program in elementary and middle school classes in Tijuana, Baja Mexico. The program has expanded to additional schools and partner programs across northern Baja and is having a positive impact in the community through its environmental stewardship activities, workshops, and outreach.



A Collaborative Project with Tribal Partners

In partnership with the Pala Band of Mission Indians, the Climate Science Alliance launched Climate Kids-Tribes in 2017. Since then the partnership has expanded to include tribes across the Southwestern United States. Through invitation, the Climate Science Alliance has brought Climate Kids activities to tribal earth day events, youth field trips, school programs, and other community events for the whole family.  The Alliance is grateful for the many partnerships that have allowed Climate Kids programming to reach hundreds of youth in local Tribal Nations.

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