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Stewardship Pathways

Advancing Tribal Stewardship of All Ancestral Lands


Presented by the Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group, the Stewardship Pathways Program invites people from across Southern California who are interested in creating or expanding a career focused on advancing Indigenous climate stewardship.

With a foundation around the equal valuation of ways of knowing, and an emphasis on integration of climate science and cultural knowledge, the Stewardship Pathways Program’s intent is to build capacity, support economic development, and advance co-stewardship of ancestral lands through various training pathways.



Native Plant Conservation, Propagation, & Restoration

Participants will learn valuable skills that can help build a career path around plant propagation, restoration, and nursery operations. Specifically, participants will receive training on propagating native plants, seed gathering and preservation, running a plant nursery, and how to support native plant use for land restoration.

Indigenous Fire Stewardship

Participants will learn valuable skills that can help build a career path around wildland fire management, Tribal fire stewardship, and fuels reduction. Participants will have the opportunity to receive certifications necessary to become a wildland firefighter and Tribal monitor working on the fire line.

Water Wisdom

Participants will receive training around the climate-water-drought-fire nexus and learn how precipitation variability impacts land stewardship and restoration. The training includes opportunities for hands-on learning and technical support to better utilize available tools, databases, and interfaces that can support planning and projects as they relate to drought and its synergistic impacts.

Climate Adaptation Technical Training & Tools

Participants will receive a variety of technical training on tools, resources, and planning processes to advance climate adaptation planning and implementation. A key component of this pathway is flexibility in offering specific trainings requested by partners such as grant writing, GIS, climate adaptation planning 101, and entrepreneurial-business development ideas.

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