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Climate Adaptation Technical Training & Tools


Climate planning and related data tools are growing in availability, but there are often limited training opportunities on how to access, interpret, and apply that information in regionally or location specific settings. Despite their intent to bridge the information gap, many climate tools often go under-utilized by their intended audiences. To address this, participants will receive training on various tools that are tailored to their requested needs including 1:1 and technical support for using interfaces (such as the Connecting Wildlands and Communities Experience and Resilient Restoration Guide), GIS software, and other skills such as grant writing, project management, and entrepreneurial business development.


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GIS Training: Introduction to web-based mapping tools with ArcGIS Online

January 27, 2024

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In collaboration with UC Riverside and San Diego State University researchers, this training will provide participants with an introduction to the use of geospatial visualizations and GIS-based tools.

Pathway Key:


Native Plant Conservation, Propagation, & Restoration


Indigenous Fire Stewardship


Water Wisdom


Climate Adaptation Technical Training & Tools

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