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Evan Foskett

Climate Education Student Intern

As the Climate Education Student Intern, Even worked closely with the Director of Education and Engagement, Jeanette Starpine, to support the Climate Science Alliance's Climate Kids projects.

Evan Foskett (they/them) grew up in southern Maine and relocated to San Diego in 2020. As a graduating senior at the San Diego Met High School, Evan has committed to pursuing higher education at San Francisco State University, where they will undertake studies in environmental science commencing in the fall of 2024.

Their passion lies in the intersection of environmental sustainability, design, and product development. Evan is steadfast in their dedication to integrating eco-conscious principles in daily life through innovative design strategies.

Beyond academics, Evan’s interests extend to the creative pursuit of crocheting, as well as being an active advocate of the local LGBTQIA+ community.

Evan’s enthusiasm for contributing to a more sustainable future is palpable. They are eager to explore opportunities leveraging their design passion to advance environmental responsibility.

Evan Foskett
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