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Climate Collaborative Featured in KPBS Reporting on Del Mar Adaptation Plans for Future Sea Level Ri

Climate Science Alliance partner, the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, was featured in a recent KPBS report, “Del Mar Beachfront Facing Challenges Of ‘Managed Retreat’” published on November 20th, 2017.

Laura Engeman, Director of the SD Regional Climate Collaborative, works to bring together public agencies, nonprofits, community foundations, utilities, scientists, and local managers to find regional solutions for climate adaptation. The SD Regional Climate Collaborative assists Del Mar in planning for sea level rise.

“Del Mar really is at the front end of some of the cities in California,“ Engeman said, “really thinking about how to plan for these hazards and prepare the community. Del Mar is the first community to develop a community-wide plan that holistically looks at its vulnerabilities and what it’s going to do to prepare for that."

You can read or listen to the report on KPBS, here.

To learn more about the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, visit here.

To learn more about Science Focused Partnerships at the Climate Science Alliance, visit here.

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