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Climate Kids from High Tech Middle-North County Hike 30 Miles on Coast to Crest Trail

Over the past 5 weeks, 8th grade students from High Tech Middle-North County hiked almost 30 miles along the San Dieguito River Watershed. Over the course of several hikes, students used field guides designed by the Climate Science Alliance Education Team to explore "Microclimates on a Macroscale" along the Coast to Crest trail which runs from Julian to the Del Mar beach. Students explored how San Diego wildlife, watersheds, and communities are impacted by climate change.

Students assessed regional climate impact data taken from the San Diego Ecosystems Assessment. These young scientists explored climate change impacts to four different species of concern along the watershed and examined how temperature, precipitation, wildfire, and the marine layer are changing in these areas. The field guide challenged students to discuss what climate change means for people and wildlife and to identify solutions to help wildlife and human communities adapt to changes.

Upon completion of the final hike, students were greeted with a celebration event on the beach. Climate Kids staff provided hands-on activities and special Climate Kids bracelets for the 55 students! All students also received their very own "San Diego County Ecosystems, Climate Change, and You!" pocket guide. Students left as true Climate Kids, equipped with new knowledge of local climate change and tools to teach others!

A special thanks to the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy for their partnership on this project!

Programs and materials presented at this event were made possible through the support of San Diego Gas & Electric (Environmental Champions). Thank you!

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