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Climate Science Alliance Welcomes Paula Sternberg Rodríguez as New Science Program Manager!

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to welcome Paula Sternberg Rodríguez to the team as our Science Program Manager. Meet Paula and learn more about her role at the Alliance in today’s blog.

Paula waves at the camera while scuba diving

We are so excited to welcome Paula Sternberg Rodríguez as the new Science Program Manager!

Paula has been connected to the Climate Science Alliance since 2021, where she served as our 2021-2022 Climate Science Intern. Paula is completing her Masters of Science from Northwest Biological Research Center in La Paz, Baja California Sur where her thesis focuses on social and ecological research regarding the sustainability of public beaches. Her work blends social frameworks with biological and ecological science and she has collaborated with partners at the Gulf of California Marine Program, Mares Mexicanos, the Surfrider Foundation, the Baja Coastal Institute, and Ocean Discovery Institute.

At the Climate Science Alliance, Paula will oversee the Baja Working Group—a perfect fit, as she has spent her life moving between Baja California and San Diego. She will also be working on the next phase of the Stewardship Pathways component of the Resilient Restoration project.

In her free time, Paula likes to hang out at the beach and spend time with her dog Milanesa, who is active, curious, and loves peanuts and scrambled eggs.

Paula smiles with her dog, Milanesa

Learn more about Paula here.

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