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Meet the Alliance Team: Alex Warneke

While the Climate Science Alliance is composed of a large, diverse network of stakeholders and community members - there is a core team working hard behind the scenes to connect the climate dots. We invite you to get to know our team and what drives them in this fun new series.

Team Member: Alex Warneke

Position: Deputy Director

Describe What You Do With the Climate Science Alliance:

As the Deputy Director, I get to wear many hats. From helping oversee day-to-day operations and managing various projects to writing grants and my favorite -> convening community stakeholders. My background is primarily in marine ecology, formal and informal education, and science communication, so I also oversee the Alliance’s community engagement and education efforts. When people ask me what I do, I often say that I am a science translator of sorts. With our incredible team, I help translate regional science and climate information for our community in a way that is usable and relatable to them. 

Why do you do this work?

Throughout my career, the question that has guided the work that I do is, “Where can I make the most positive impact for my community?” For me, I chose to work with the Climate Science Alliance because I wholeheartedly believe that we do the work that will have the biggest impact on our community regarding one of the greatest threats of our time - climate change. Having worked in academia, multiple levels of government, and the nonprofit sector, the biggest issue I see is that these groups all speak different languages and because of that it can be hard to get real solutions and strategies in place.  The Climate Science Alliance is here to overcome those boundaries and connect all the pieces. 

Of the 10 Things You Can Do to Protect the Earth - Which one do you commit to doing and why? 

My favorite of the 10 things and the one I commit to doing regularly is to “Tell the Story.” I truly believe that our stories are what bring us together. By learning more about where we are coming from and what experiences have defined us. We can find empathy and make steps forward. 

What gives you Climate Hope?

For me, Climate Hope is all about community - convening people from different sectors, backgrounds, ways of knowing - learning from one another and finding unique and innovative solutions. Remembering what unites us and that we are all in this together.

What is Your Life Motto or Favorite Quote?

I probably have two life mottos that I use most frequently: “Keep Calm and Adapt On” & “Team Work Make the Dream Work” Both of these have been consistent reminders that to be adaptable is to be resilient and that you are stronger together than you are alone. 

What is the last thing you read, watched, or listened to that inspired you?

I read and listen to podcasts pretty voraciously and I am consistently inspired by people’s stories so it’s extremely hard to choose. But lately, I have been reading a book called “My Own Devices” by one of my favorite singer/songwriter/poet/rapper’s - Dessa. People may know her from the Hamilton Mixtapes...another secret obsession of mine, but I digress. Anyways, I find her work super inspiring. In her book and her music, she portrays the world through this raw, unique, and vulnerable lens, yet finds such an elegant and poetic way to tell her story. It’s beautiful. 

What do you like to do for fun?

Being outside is where I am most happy. Whether hiking tall mountains or climbing a nearby crag, I can pretty much always be found on the trail when I am not at work. I also love to paint and eat really good food. I have been pretty stoked that the San Diego eater scene has exploded in the past few years. If you’re looking for recommendations...I have tons.  

Tell us one thing on your bucket list:

Meet Beyoncé. 

Favorite meme?


To learn more about the Climate Science Alliance and the work we do, please visit us at:



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