Meet the Alliance Team: Connor Magee

While the Climate Science Alliance is composed of a large, diverse network of stakeholders and community members - there is a core team working hard behind the scenes to connect the climate dots. We invite you to get to know our team and what drives them in this fun new series.

Team Member: Connor Magee

Position:  Research and Data Applications Manager

Describe What You Do With the Climate Science Alliance:

I support our partners with land management projects in the Southern Californian region. Currently, most of my activity is at the Carbon Sink Demonstration Farm at Pauma Tribal Farms in Pauma Valley, CA. At the farm, I directly work with a team to implement land management practices of installing cover crops, windbreak and pollinator hedgerows using native trees, shrubs, forbs and grasses.  While we are doing this for a suite of benefits, a significant purpose is to understand our potential to increase carbon sequestration within an agricultural production site.

Gathering soil samples to test for soil organic carbon is really exciting business, I'm not sure I'll ever lose the stoke.

Why do you do this work?

I do this work because it gives me purpose. From an early age, playing in the Coastal Sage Scrub, Chaparral and Riparian areas of our reservation, Pala, I observed the interconnectedness of soil, water, air, plants, animals and people. I learned what beauty is and I learned to strive for balance. That beauty and understanding of balance gave me strength and an identity to serve my community in land stewardship. I feel that my efforts in land stewardship is fulfilling my responsibility for the coming generations. I feel that our daily accomplishments in the work we do contributes to a greater wellbeing.

Of the 10 Things You Can Do to Protect the Earth - Which one do you commit to doing and why?

I am committed to planting trees. Tree planting reminds me of what it means to be virtuous in building relationships. The virtue of bringing a new member into your community.  It reminds us that all living things need intact natural resources to thrive. We share the same needs as trees. Nurturing a young tree I see as self care.  A tree can abundantly provide life supporting resources for us for generations. Patience, generosity and charity are virtues that I find in my relationship of planting trees.