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SWAF 2021 Session

Welcome and Blessing, Day 3


Carolyn Enquist, Andi Thode, Alicia Azpeleta Tarancón, Nikki Cooley

Carolyn Enquist of the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (SW CASC) opened the third and final day of the 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum. Andi Thode and Alicia Azpeleta Tarancón will provided an overview of Southwest Fire Climate Adaptation Partnership (SWFireCAP), a new partnership between the SW Fire Consortium, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP), two CASCs, and other organizations focused on the intersection of climate change and fire. Nikki Cooley (ITEP) led the opening blessing.

Watch the Session

Welcome and Blessing, SWAF 2021 Day 3

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