Connecting Wildlands
& Communities
Team Updates

The Connecting Wildlands & Communities Teams have been hard at work understanding how connected landscapes can support adaptation and resilience to climate change for both ecosystems and local communities in southern California. Hear from the teams to see what they have accomplished so far and get a glimpse of what is planned for the coming year! 


Where We Are Now

Successfully connected with over 600 stakeholders and adapted the project to address needs of this diverse stakeholder community 

Added components that involve collaborations with other research teams to address the needs identified by stakeholders

Created a story map for the Climate Resilient Connectivity project's linkage maps and prioritization to make data readily available for decision making

Gathered information from planners to guide tool development and data delivery

“To me, resilience means persevering in the face of change and adversity. This could mean being strong enough to resist change, flexible enough to accommodate change, or innovative enough to transform in the face of change. To build resilience for our ecosystems and communities, we will have to employ all three of these approaches, but I am confident that by working cooperatively and being both creative and strategic, we can make progress and become more resilient together.”
- Dr. Megan Jennings,
San Diego State University
CWC Project Lead

What's Next

Individual teams will complete research tasks so data integration across teams can begin

We will synthesize information from all teams into an assessment of different domains of refuge and resilience

Form a technical advisory team to help explore and test compiled data sets and models to formulate tools for delivery

Deliver data in a way that is most accessible and useful to jurisdictional planners, land managers, conservation planners, and those involved in developing land-use and climate adaptation policies

Incorporate overall findings into tools that will best serve stakeholders


Connecting Wildlands and Communities is a three-year project funded by the California Strategic Growth Council as part of the California Climate Change Research program. Read the news release here.

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