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Manzanita Tribal Resilience Project

Building Climate Resilience for 'Snyaaw and the People



The Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay Nation is moving forward with a vision to protect and conserve the lands under their stewardship. The Climate Science Alliance team is honored to take part and support the Tribe in creating the Manzanita Tribal Resilience Project – one part of a larger effort to address climate impacts and build resilience into the future.

The Manzanita Climate Resilience Project was created to explore the integration of climate change scenarios with natural resources, specifically ‘snyaaw (Quercus agrifolia, or Coast Live Oak), as a central focus. This effort is focused on informing decision-making that sustains cultural and traditional resources and practices and increases flexibility in how services and programs are managed.



Manzanita Tribal Resilience Project Report

This report provides a robust approach to address a range of climate change scenarios, maintain cultural and traditional resources and practices in the face of climate change, and increase flexibility in how services and programs are managed, with a specific focus on ‘snyaaw.

"As a community, we are coming together to identify solutions and learning from each other including our hiimilh (youth) who will lead us into the future. This collective effort to understand climate change impacts in our community and advance strategies and solutions in part of our commitment to taking care of all of our relations. In this report our voices are united, and our commitment strong to our people now and our future generations."


Read the Chairwoman's full message in the Manzanita Tribal Resilience Project Report.

2020 Climate Change Adaptation Plan Summary One-Pagers


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