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Climate Kids-Mexico Joins Forces with Out of the Boat Swim

Climate Kids-Mexico was a part of Out of the Boat Swim's Summer Camp on the Beach. About 50 youth went through the Climate Kids program, all ranging from 6 to 17 years old!

As a team, Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) and Out of the Boat Swim (OBS) developed an integrated environmental education approach to this summer camp. The OBS summer camp took place on the beach and taught about water safety and marine life. CKM used this opportunity to teach OBS coordinators, mentors and kids about climate change. Children learned about the ocean, contamination, respect for marine life, and took action by participating in a beach clean-up. The program used the science of climate change, marine life, art making, storytelling and writing climate change mini-stories to teach kids about ocean conservation and how to help the Earth.

Building capacity for the teenagers promoted and developed team work, collaboration, creativity, knowledge, values for life and the love of nature. The older youth worked with the younger children, teaching them about ocean conservation and mentoring them through the program. Thank you to our partners in Mexico for leading this awesome program!! Check out pictures from the event below.

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