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Western LCC Partners with CSA's Science Manager Megan Jennings Ph.D

The California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and the Southwest Climate Science Center hosted a first-of-its-kind meeting that drew in over 80 state, federal, tribal, and local governments, NGOs, universities, and non-profit representatives to collaborate on effective landscape conservation planning. Among these representatives was Climate Science Alliance's Scientific Program Manager, Megan Jennings. Jennings, who is also a member of the CA LCC steering committee, gave a presentation on the role that the Climate Science Alliance-South Coast plays in landscape conservation.

In addition to Megan Jennings' presentation, there were several others regarding California's most pressing landscape conservation needs and challenges. After discussions on trans-boundary issues associated with land, water, and fire management, the 80 representatives broke out into small working groups. The smaller break out sessions allowed representatives to create several new priorities and realistic goals to achieve them. Before leaving the meeting, participants signed commitments to take on varying levels of engagement for each priority action. This meeting gave representatives the opportunity to form new partnerships which will lead to positive changes in the future of landscape conservation planning and the promotion of healthy, resilient landscapes.

To read more about what took place in this groundbreaking meeting, click here.

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