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Climate Kids-Mexico teams up with Out of the Boat Swim during Tijuana River Action Month

The Tijuana River Action Network hosted over 20 environmental stewardship and education events during the Tijuana River Action Month from September 17th to October 15th. The goals of this month of action are to educate the border population about the importance of the preservation of the Tijuana River Basin shared by two countries and the environmental services offered by the ocean. The goals were reached at Playas de Tijuana through a series of activities and actions to raise public awareness about keeping beaches clean, recycling, respecting marine life, understanding the impacts of water quality on the health of marine species, and exercising aquatic safety when entering the sea.

The Climate Science Alliance, Climate Kids-Mexico, and Out of the Boat Swim all participated by hosting activities ranging from workshops on aquatic safety, climate change lessons with science and art, and beach cleanups.

For more information about our amazing partners, click on their websites below:

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