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Meet Featured Artist: Kira Carrillo Corser

On the topic of art and climate change, Climate Science Alliance affiliated artist, Kira Carillo Corser says, "Our oceans are losing millions of sea life due to climate change, plastic pollution, and over-fishing. Art can bypass fear and build knowledge, while promoting positive change to communicate our loss, our choices and our future." Kira has brought this statement to life in many ways.

Kira was the first artist to work with the Climate Kids program in 2015 and created beautiful paintings on silk that communicated students' commitment to protecting the ocean. Kira also participated and shared her work at Art@CAF (California Adaptation Forum) in 2014. Kira is currently involved in Peace & Justice projects and a project linking the arts and businesses through video. Specifically, videos on ocean and planet changes due to climate change, plastic pollution and over-fishing. She currently leads non-profit, Sea Changes ACT, where she brought together 7 climate scientists and 7 artists to co-create work related to climate impacts on the ocean with support from the San Diego Visual Arts Network.

Take a look at Kira Corser's beautiful climate-inspired art in the gallery below.

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