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Climate Kids Mexico Celebrates a Year of Accomplishments

2016 was an incredible year for Climate Kids Mexico (CKM). CKM developed new ways to engage the community in climate change education through science, art, and storytelling. They engaged students of all ages by visiting elementary, middle and high schools. CKM also participated in summer camps, and county and state environmental events that made Climate Kids Mexico very popular in the climate change education scene in Tijuana.

In total Climate Kids Mexico Ambassadors participated in 11 community events and reached 6,316 students and community members with unique and innovative climate focused science, art, storytelling, and Pasarela experiences.

Climate Kids Mexico formed a strong partnership with Out of the Boat Swim that allowed for collaboration and participation in several community events. This partnership created a focus on the ocean and marine life with the following activities:

  • Science: Hands-on experiments that tested water quality, water pollution, water heat capacity, and the impacts of greenhouse gases.

  • Storytelling, story writing & illustration: Students listened to 3-4 short stories about the ocean and climate change and then created their own short stories with illustrations about marine life, sea animals, and water pollution.

  • Art: Marine life inspired Pasarela with creative original dresses were created to send a message about how climate change impacts the oceans.

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