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Recap of Educator Training: Bringing Climate Change Messages to Life for Students and Visitors

On February 25th, the Climate Science Alliance, SEALIFE, and the Fleet Center hosted an educator training on "Bringing Climate Change Messages to Life for Students and Visitors." We were pleased to have 40 inspiring educators with a variety of experience and expertise spend their Saturday learning about how they can become leaders in spreading climate literacy. This training showcased a number of speakers, from varying informal and formal education backgrounds, that shared best practices and techniques for integrating climate science into curriculum and programming.

The speakers presented on the following topics:

  • Science: Overview of Climate Change Impacts in our Region (Julie Kalansky, Ph.D., Scripps Institute of Oceanography)

  • Climate Change Communication in a Nutshell (Lori Walsh, SEALIFE Aquarium)

  • Climate and NGSS (Crystal Howe, CREEC)

  • Case Study: LEGOLAND SEALIFE Aquarium (Lori Walsh, SEALIFE)

  • Case Study: Climate Kids Project (Amber Pairis, Ph.D., Climate Science Alliance)

  • Climate Change and Upper Elementary Learners: Seeing the Big Picture (Carolyn Hernandez - Pacific Beach Elementary)

  • Water Education and NGSS (Sandra Lebron, San Diego Coastkeeper)

  • Climate Kids at Carmel Del Mar (Jennifer Munoz, Del Mar Union School District)

  • Arts and Creative Expression (Claudia Lyra, Brazilian Portuguese and Arts)

All of these presentations can be viewed here.

Our event evaluations showed that 82% of attendees were inspired to become a leader in teaching climate literacy and 88% of attendees learned something that they will apply in their classroom or program. We were pleased to hear that 94% of teachers were interested in partnering with the Climate Science Alliance in the future. We also appreciate all of the helpful feedback that attendees provided and are getting started on bringing some of those ideas to life such as: designing topically focused trainings, creating some kind of networking platform such as Facebook for educators to share resources and ideas, and networking events.

We would like to thank all of the amazing speakers and attendees for making this educator training a positive, fun, interactive, and inspiring experience. We hope you enjoyed the event!

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