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20+ Partners Come Together for First-Ever Climate Science Area at the 2017 Balboa Park EarthFair!

The FIRST-EVER Climate Science Alliance Area at the 2017 Balboa Park EarthFair was a huge success! This new and exciting area was brought to the community by the Climate Science Alliance and the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative as part of the Resilient Coastlines Project of Greater San Diego, which is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. On April 23rd, over 20 organizations, performers, and artists came together to offer a fun, interactive space for people of all ages to learn about climate change and ocean science. In addition to the incredible booths hosted by our partners, the area included several activities to entertain visitors, such as a Children's Activity Guide, performances by musicians and storytellers, and an arts and crafts area.

The Children's Activity guide was a hit with the kids and the parents. It encouraged children to visit each booth to answer a question related to how they can be part of the solution to climate change. Once they completed their activity guide, they received a prize and Climate Kid recognition. The completed guides were a great indicator of just how much each family learned about climate change and ocean science.

With performances running all day long, we had several amazing acts that drew crowds into the area. Eco-band, Ashley Mazanec and The Altruists, performed powerful songs about climate change, sustainability, and social justice. San Diego County Park Rangers came together as the band, Biomimicry, to sing their incredibly creative and catchy spins on popular songs like "Bad Moon Rising" (Ocean Rising), "I'm Yours" (I'm Warm), and "The Tide is High" to teach people about climate change, ocean science, and environmental stewardship. We also had interactive storytelling performances by Elliott Beltran and Laura Anthony that captivated our young audience.

Our Art Area was led by Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist, Joan Green and Climate Kids Ambassadors from Mission Bay High School. Visitors had the chance to create art pieces that showed their commitment to helping the planet.

We had an incredible time at the EarthFair and we hope you did too! We owe a huge thank you to our partners, performers, volunteers, sponsors, and the entire EarthWorks team making it a truly enjoyable experience for all!

Happy Earth Day!

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