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Climate Science Alliance Partner Spotlight: Out of the Boat Swim

The Climate Science Alliance is recognizing Out of the Boat Swim (OBS) in our partner spotlight for the incredible opportunities they give to underprivileged children in San Diego and Baja California. OBS's mission is "Enabling underprivileged children in coastal communities to build confidence in life by building confidence in the water through water safety programs." They do this by providing fun outdoor experiences in water (oceans, bays, pools) to children while teaching them how to enjoy these bodies of water safely. OBS also frequently partners with Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) to add an environmental education component to their programs.

OBS has been busy this Spring hosting several fun outdoor events and swim lessons for San Diego refugee children and orphans from Tijuana. Their events involve activities like snorkeling, surfing, SUPing, and water safety training at local beaches or bays. They also offer reoccurring swim lessons to help kids get comfortable and confident in water.

Thank you Out of the Boat Swim for the amazing work you are doing for underprivileged children in our region! We are so inspired by your programs and look forward to seeing how you continue to grow.

For more information visit Out of the Boat Swim's website.

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