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CSA Participates in 2017 International Urban Wildlife Conference

Climate Science Alliance partners and staff participated in the 2017 International Urban Wildlife Conference (IUWC) at San Diego State University on June 4-7. This four day conference brought wildlife experts from across the world together to share their research, resources, expertise, successes, and failures. IUWC offered a diverse program of 23 presentation sessions on different topics related to the management, monitoring, conservation, public education, and appreciation of urban wildlife.

In addition to the plethora of lecture sessions, the IUWC also provided ample opportunities for networking between the world's leading wildlife scientists, land managers, city planners, educators, and conservationists. Through field trips, working groups, networking events, and interactive panels, the IUWC led to countless conversations and collaborations among attendees that will certainly contribute to the betterment of wildlife management and protection across the world.

Climate Science Alliance Science Focused Partnerships Program Manager, Dr. Megan Jennings, played a significant role in the IUWC. Jennings hosted a field trip, participated on a collaborative panel of leading experts, and presented on her experience building science-management partnerships to develop wildlife connectivity plans in Southern California.

Climate Science Alliance staff also participated in the IUWC at the poster session by presenting the Alliance's "State of the Science" project that identifies the ecological impacts of climate change in San Diego County.

The International Urban Wildlife Conference was an excellent opportunity for Alliance staff and partners to not only share our expertise, but also gain a great deal of new knowledge, skills, and resources that we can put to use in our region.

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