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7/5 Climate Change Mini Forum Addresses Climate Resilient Wildlife Connectivity in Southern CA

On July 5th, the Climate Science Alliance hosted our twelfth Climate Change Mini Forum on “Climate Resilient Connectivity Planning for the South Coast” featuring Megan Jennings, Ph.D. and Erin Conlisk, Ph.D. from San Diego State University. In this mini forum, Dr. Jennings provided an update on a research project underway, which in partnership with CDFW’s South Coast Region, is evaluating and planning for current and future landscape connectivity under projected climate and land conditions. The completed project will support practical, proactive management of biodiversity in the face of climate change by developing connectivity linkage maps for the South Coast Ecoregion based on comprehensive species and landscape analysis and mapping.

After the project updates, there was ample time for feedback from the mini forum attendees, most of whom are hoping to use the research results in their projects. Dr. Jennings and Dr. Conlisk will apply the feedback from the mini forum to the research project, increasing the suitability of results for use in local adaptation strategies.

Thank you, Dr. Jennings and Dr. Conlisk, for sharing your updates and inviting feedback!

Dr. Megan Jennings

Dr. Erin Conlisk

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