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CSA Staff Attends 2017 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

This June, the Climate Science Alliance attended the 2017 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education hosted by Climate Generation at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. The Institute showcased research from University of Minnesota's leading experts on climate science and climate solutions, demonstrated hands on activities that bring climate change concepts into the classroom, and reviewed Next Generation Science Standards as they relate to climate change education.

This Institute provided hands-on educational experiences and resources for over 50 educators. These included climate change curriculum, games, and break-out sessions on the following topics: Agriculture, Environment and Climate Change, Diving Into NGSS, NGSS in Practice, Modeling in Climate Change Literacy and Education, and Changing Climate, Changing Culture Initiative (G-WOW). The Institute also featured a tour through the University of Minnesota's Monarch Lab where they are conducting research for the Monarch Joint Venture as well as a Public Forum on Climate Change in the Age of Alternative Facts.

Not only did the Institute provide the Climate Science Alliance with new resources, but it also offered the opportunity to form a new partnership with Climate Generation. The Alliance is very excited to have Climate Generation join the Climate Science Alliance's network of partners. We look forward to collaborating to spread climate literacy through positive, science-based education!

To view more information on Climate Generation and the resources they provide visit:

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