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Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver on the Role of Art in Climate Science Communication (Video)

“I believe art is a tool for communication. Now more than ever people need to connect to their environment, to be aware of it. And I think that artists and scientists working together is going to be the way to do that.”

– Audrey Carver

In this video, Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver shares the story behind her “Along the Transect Line” collaborative pieces with Cabrillo National Monument. “Along the Transect Line” highlights species data from each of the major scientific inventories at Cabrillo, from the rocky intertidal ecosystem to the menagerie of birds that call the park home.

You can see “Along the Transect Line” through December 2017 at Cabrillo National Monument.

For more information on the “Along the Transect Line” show, visit here.

For more information on our Affiliated Artists program, visit here.

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