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Climate Kids Ambassador Teacher Steve Walters Receives Marine Science Teaching Award

The Climate Science Alliance congratulates Mission Bay High School (MBHS) International Baccalaureate marine science and AP environmental science teacher Steve Walters, recipient of the Marine Science Teaching Award from the Maritime Science Alliance. Steve Walters piloted our Climate Kids-San Diego High School Ambassador program. Our Climate Kids Ambassadors Program at MBHS has trained students to bring climate messages to youth in schools and the community.

Climate Kids Ambassadors provides students with the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills and share their knowledge about climate change and environmental stewardship with other students and families. Climate Kids Ambassador events offer students opportunities to share their knowledge with others and meet other Climate Kids from across the south coast including special bi-national events with Climate Kids-Mexico and Climate Kids-Tribes.

Walter's students have been present at many of our classroom and community event programs. His work with these students are making a huge impact in the South Coast. Read more about his amazing work and his award here.

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