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Upcoming Event: The Role of Art in Ocean Advocacy

Join Net Impact GPS, EcoArts Foundation, and Climate Science Alliance-South Coast on March 1, 2018 at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at UC San Diego as they present Philadelphia's glacier melt artist Diane Burko, who has recently been moved to take up the subject of coral reef mortality. Climate Science Alliance (CSA) Director Amber Pairis will speak to the importance of art in community engagement on complex environmental topics. CSA's roster of artists include not only Diane, but Sea Changes’ Kira Corser and Spiral Pacific’s Cynthia Matzke -- who will each present on their experience working at the intersection of art and ocean conservation. Miss Violette will treat us to music in the name of water conservation. EcoArts Foundation Director and CSA affiliated eco musician Ashley Mazanec will share the work of her and other organizations within this niche, and finish up the evening with her band Ashley & The Altruists. UCSD's Global Policy & Strategy (GPS) is a short walk east from the Pangaea Parking structure, just past the International House. The building is called Gardner, just to the North of Robinson Auditorium. Parking can be a challenge, so please arrive early.

Be sure to RSVP and stay updated on the Facebook event page.

Program Ashley and The Altruists Eco Music over light dinner Welcome by Net Impact and The School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) Creative Community Engagement with Amber Pairis Director of Climate Science Alliance (CSA) Affiliated Artist Program Introductions by Ashley Mazanec EcoArts Foundation Director, GPS student, eco musician The State of Coral with Diane Burko Photographer, painter, CSA Affiliate Creative Political Advocacy with Kira Corser Artist, activist, CSA affiliate Sea Changes Director Blue Revolution with Cynthia Matzke Documentarian, film producer, teacher SIO Master of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Miss Violette, local singer-songwriter and activist Music for the Water

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